An Individual way

We help to choose a more effective course for every student.

All levels

You can learn from the 0 level to the highest one.

Avaluable fee

Online education allows you to save money for the organization expenses. You pay only for a lesson!

Evaluation and control of education

We control the process of education by special method, make corrections and plan the next lessons for you.

MANABO is not just an agent between a student and a teacher.
Our main purpose is coordination between education process and progress of every single student.


For students who want to take a special targeted course.The student buys a definite targeted course and studies with one teacher by the course programme.


For students who want to take more than one course at the same time. The student buys a plan and takes different courses with a free programme with one or many teachers by the student’s choice.

4 simple steps to begin learning Japanese in MANABO


A lesson with a native-speaking teacher of Japanese at a reasonable price: 1 lesson is from 1 000 yen.


We offer you the best choice of teachers of Japanese.


Teaching experience more 7 years


Teaching experience 2 years


Teaching experience 1 year


Teaching experience 1 year

Our teachers have:

State certificates of teaching the Japanese language

Diplomas of linguistic and teacher-training universities

Experience in teaching of Japanese at universities, schools, education centers

JLPT certificates of the 1st level

We are interested in your progress and will be glad to see you among our students.

At a lesson you will learn:


A teacher will explain to you all the details of Japanese grammar and you will learn to make correct sentences in Japanese.


Learning new words and practicing to use them in different contexts is more interesting and effective with a teacher.


Real-life communication with a teacher will help you to dismantle the language barrier and express your thoughts in Japanese fluently.


Writing a letter or an e-mail to your friend or colleague in Japanese without mistakes and using characters including features of Japanese etiquette will not be difficult for you.


Improving skills of listening at a lesson by Skype, you will be able to understand the interlocutor in Japanese very easily.


You will read original texts in Japanese, acquiring the correct pronunciation with the help of an experienced teacher.


A free trial lesson is a great opportunity to evaluate on-line forma education of Japanese.

During the trial lesson you will meet your teacher, discuss your purposes of learning the Japanese language and preferences in education programme. For students with higher than “0” level the teacher will offer a small exercise to define them level.

The trial lesson lasts 25 minutes.